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Transportation Equipment Leasing!

By Jason Gluckman

Businesses have different needs, and one of the most important is the transportation of raw material to the place of manufacturing and/or the finished goods to the various markets. Various transportation vehicles, sometimes very special ones like vacuum tank trailers, are needed for the transportation of goods. Let us first see the advantages of leasing the vehicles over buying them.

Advantages of leasing transportation equipment

Leasing transportation equipment allows a company to get the new transportation equipment immediately without shelling out all the money at the time of buying the equipment. This way, the company can use these funds for other everyday running expenses. A leasing term corresponding with the manufacturer’s warranty period will make sure that the company does not have to pay for the repair costs of the vehicle.

The cash generated by operations or conventional finance by many transportation companies is not sufficient for buying the new equipment. In this case, such companies can lease this new equipment to expand their business.

In case of a new transport company, it can avail itself of many tailor-made contracts, like transportation equipment for construction. Under this, the company can get all the construction related transportation and other equipment on lease for a special price. It can also get fast financing for leasing.

Transportation equipment that can be leased

All kinds of surface, air and water transportation equipment can be leased. For example, aircraft, railroad cars, and steamships, can be leased. A company can lease from one vehicle up to a fleet of vehicles. Also one can lease used vehicles.

Transportation industries strive to minimize the fixed costs supporting each vehicle. Also the old or obsolete equipment is disposed off regularly, and to balance for that, the transportation firms need to buy new equipment. They have to satisfy these demands using the limited capital. Therefore leasing of transportation equipment is necessary for the growth of the transportation business.

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