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Why Equipment Leasing Is Better Then Using Your Business’s Cash!

By Richard Bonomo


Why use your business’s cash when you don’t have to. Cash is valuable, the less you can use the more profitable your business will be. The concept is simple it is the time value of money. You have heard of it. Well, that is why you should lease all your equipment. Use your cash for more important things.


Protection against obsolesce. When the term of the lease runs out you turn in your equipment and get a new lease for updated equipment. Your competitors have the new technology. You need to stay ahead and have it also.


Tax Advantages. Depending on the way that your lease is structured, it may be possible to deduct all of your payments as a business expense. This type of lease will have no effect on your debt–to–equity ratio, since this is not a debt.


It is fast and easy. Usually it is only a one page application to get you started and on your way.


Stretch your buying power by buying more equipment with less cash outlay. By having this new equipment, it will allow you to do more business and become more profitable.


A fixed rate on a lease makes your business equipment expenses predictable. During times of increasing interest rates you will have peace of mind!


If you have equipment which is fully paid for and has a current value, there are ways to get you cash for that equipment and this cash can be used for anything! And that is a good thing! You can get the working capital you have been looking for, but didn’t know how to get it!

You should get started today and lease all business equipment from now on!
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