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Equipment Leasing FAQs!

By Jason Gluckman

The most frequently asked question about leasing is the advantages behind it. People want to know about the benefits of leasing over buying any type of equipment. The most prominent advantage of leasing is that it provides the lessee with working capital that can be used for maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. Another advantage that the lessee has is that he can add equipment that is contemporary at any time during the lease period. This advantage is not available when a person buys the equipment instead of leasing it.

Another frequently asked question is about the definition of 'lease.' Lease can be defined as an agreement or a contract between two parties that explains the terms and conditions such as the time period of the lease, payment options and the date of return of the equipment.

Questions regarding cancellation of a lease are also common but canceling a lease is not possible. The lessee is bound by the law to make payments according to the terms and conditions in the contract, even if the equipment that is leased is not in use.

Queries about tax payments are frequent and people want to know whether there are any tax deductions when a lease contract is signed. The lessee must pay the taxes that are connected to the lease such as sales tax, which is charged separately and has to be paid with the monthly payments of the lease.

Questions about procedure for acquiring a lease contract are also raised. The first step in leasing any type of equipment is the filling out of a simple one-page form that is called the credit application form. After sending out the financial information to the lessor, the lessee has to wait for the lease documents that are sent to him for signing.

The most important question arises if the equipment is damaged. There is no replacement guarantee in the lease contract and it is better to insure the equipment because the entire lease contract depends upon the condition of the equipment at the end of the lease period.

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