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Restaurant Emergency Loan

Restaurant Emergency Loan

Apply for a restaurant emergency loan through Quick Lending Solutions and you could receive a sizable loan through the CARES Act that will help you keep your restaurant open until the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end. The Trump Administration has established the Paycheck Protection Loan, also known as the CARES Act, to grant billions of dollars in funding to small business owners to allow them to continue paying employees, keep utilities turned on, and pay mortgage rent during the interim of the stay-at-home order. If you qualify, you could receive the funds you need to stay open so you won’t lose your business.

Is My Restaurant Eligible For a CARES Act Loan?

Since restaurants often operate in more than one location, a special allowance has been made in the CARES Act for restaurants. While businesses in other sectors must have less than 500 employees to qualify for the PPP loan, restaurants operating in multiple locations may still qualify if they employ more than 500 workers. A loan specialist from Quick Lending Solutions can assist you in determining eligibility while you look over the details of the restaurant emergency loan. You’ll find information available as you continue to browse our website.

How Does a PPP Loan Differ From a Bank Loan?

There are several unique features of the PPP loan that make it very attractive to business owners:

1. The loan is 100% forgivable when you follow the guidelines. In order to be released from the obligation of paying back the loan, you must use the funds specifically for payroll, mortgage interest, utilities, rent, and/or insurance premiums.

2. You won’t need to show a personal guarantee or collateral to qualify for the loan. If your business meets eligibility criteria, you’ll get the loan.

3. More money is available to small business owners through the CARES Act than would otherwise be considered under the guidelines of a conventional SBA loan.

We’re Here When You Need a Loan Fast

As our name indicates, we’re here to provide professional assistance when you need a quick lending solution. We know that when it comes to your restaurant’s operations, having access to the funding you need is critical to being able to pay workers and bills. Our ‘Quick Apply’ form makes it easy to apply for a PPP loan; if you prefer, simply call our office and ask to speak with an agent about the Paycheck Protection Plan and eligibility requirements.

Apply For a Forgiveness Loan Today

Why wait? You can start your application for a CARES Act loan right now on our website by first reading the PPP program guidelines and then completing the loan application. You’ll find free resources on our site to make the process quick and easy. If you need a restaurant emergency loan to get you through until the stay-at-home advisory is over and you’re open for business again, we can help you analyze your needs and access funding to keep your doors open.

Restaurant Emergency Loan

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Restaurant Emergency Loan Restaurant Emergency Loan