Restaurant Equipment Leasing
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Start-Up Restaurant Equipment Leasing Program!
bad credit Equipment Leasing

Applicants with tough credit history accepted with equipment cost up to $22,500, for start-up restaurants. Restaurants turned-down by other leasing companies can apply here for fast answers! Restaurants in business under 2 years are considered start-up for this program. Restaurant equipment leasing programs available call BRT today to find out if you qualify for restaurant equipment leasing for your next start-up, for Nation-Wide Leasing!

Small Business Equipment Leasing Program!
Equipment Leasing for your business

Find simple leasing of business and professional equipment from $3,500. We deal with Start-Up and established businesses and our application procedure requires no financial statements or tax returns for equipment. Equipment leasing programs offered for several industries: medical, healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, food processing, automotive repair, and medical & dental practices just to name a few, for your next start-up!

Impaired Credit Equipment Leasing Program!
bad credit Equipment Leasing

Tough credit, past bankruptcy, poor credit scores, suits, judgements etc. In today's economy, obtaining an equipment lease can be very hard. If you feel you are a tougher credit candidate with past bankruptcy, slow pay, low scores, we may still be able to help. If you wish to apply with us, we accept tough credit applications for most business types and for start-up companies. Depending on credit history & established trade lines.

Established Business Equipment Lease Program!
Equipment Leasing for your business

Simple leasing of business and professional equipment for time in business 2 years and longer, under same ownership Application only from $5,000 - $75,000 - Personal Credit Requirements: Credit Score 640 FICO (Experian) - Personal Bankruptcies must be six (6) years or older with NO derogatory credit after the BK was discharged for all equipment leasing programs Nation-Wide with common sense underwriting to approve more transactions.

Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Leasing For Average & Not So Good Credit!

Leasing For Start-Up Businesses & Franchises!

Up To $22,500 Available Credit Limit For Start-Up Business!

Established Business Over 2 Years TIB - Up To $50,000!

B to C - FICO Credit Scoring - OK!

Start-Up Restaurants - OK!

Start Up Business - OK!

Start-Up Franchise OK!

Start Up Bars - OK!

FICO Credit Score Starting At 550!

Business Equipment Leasing

Established Business With Impaired Credit Program!

C-credit leasing, $5.000 to $75,000, that provides a unique alternative to credit scoring. Funding business and older businesses with weaker credits by rolling up our sleeves to understand "their story". Leases are approved and funded based on common sense, and the borrower's potential for positive business cash flow!

Conventional Equipment Leasing Program!

Conventional Business Equipment Lease!
Minimum FICO Score 640 - Co-Signers Accepted.

$5,000 - $80,000 Up To 60 Month Term.

Minimum 2 Years in Business.

No Home Ownership, No Additional Collateral.

Small Business Equipment Leasing!

                              Choice of Leasing Programs!
                              Imperfect Credit OK!
                              Fast, Simple One Page Application!
                              Fixed Monthly Payments!
                              Pay For Equipment As It Produces Income!
                              Preservation Of Cash & Bank Lines!

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Working Capital Cash Advance for Your Business

1.  Insufficient control over the cost/quality of your product.
2.  Lack of proper inventory stock control.
3.  Buying inventory short and selling long.
4.  Under pricing the goods you are selling.
5.  Poor customer relations.
6.  Failure to promote and continue promotion of your public image.
7.  Poor public relations with suppliers of goods and services to your company.
8.  Managementís lack of ability to reach decisions quickly and act fast.
9.  Failure to keep pace with management aids as conditions.
10. Real and psychosomatic illnesses of key people.
11. Reluctance to be aware and seek professional assistance when needed.
12. Failure to minimize taxation through proper advice on tax planning.
13. Inadequate insurance programs.
14. Lack of planning and forward impetus in sales department.
15. Poor human relations with your staff.
16. Loss of key personnel.
17. Lack of total knowledge of your product, merchandise or services.
18. Inability to foresee and cope adequately with competition.
19. Complacency about competition.
20. Failure to anticipate market trends in connection with your products & services.
21. Failure to anticipate market trends in regard to purchases.
22. Lack of control of liquid assets.
23. Insufficient planning for future capital needs.
24. Failure to stay within the bounds dictated by capital availability.
25. Lack of budgeting or failure to adhere to budget.
26. Refusing to recognize factuality of financial position.
27. Poor record keeping.
28. Granting of too much credit.
29. Purchasing too much on credit.
30. Poor receivables control.

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